Integrated Engineering for energy and gas

Engineering Project Solutions provides high-quality engineering services including integrated design, selection and supply of industrial equipment for objects of various purposes, construction, installation, hook-up and start-up, object commissioning, service and technical maintenance, turn-key projects.

One of the company’s key areas of activity are production and supply of industrial equipment for gas industry, and specifically the production of natural gas metering units, natural gas treatment units and natural gas pressure reduction units of various models and productivity for automatic gas-distribution stations, gas-filling stations, unit gas conditioning stations and gas-distribution plants.

We complete tasks concerned with fiscal measurement at metering and calculating operations, and technological metering of natural gas on industrial enterprises, objects of technological productions, gas-distribution stations, underground gas storages, recycling plants, and other objects.

We collaborate with the best manufacturers of industrial equipment in Europe, Turkey and China, and perform integrated equipment supplies for the projects in Europe, and export industrial equipment to the CIS.

Braslas street 22 D
Riga, LV-1035

Construction and installation, and commissioning works

Construction and installation, and commissioning works shall be performed by highly trained engineers of specialized organization. Commissioning works are closely associated not only with effectiveness of work of enterprise in future, but also with safety of employees. Besides commissioning, works include a specific risk factor and works fulfillment in such conditions is possible only by highly skilled specialists trained to necessary level with corresponding experience.

During installation works fulfillment, specialists of our company are governed by documentation and calculations done at all stages of preparation for construction and installation works, considering works experience gained while working on other objects.

Qualification of specialists involved in installation works is confirmed by appropriate paperwork. Organization of work process comes with drafting of necessary documentation.

Commissioning works is the final stage of technical solution implementation when final check of correctness and quality of installation works is carried out, as well as adjustment of work of separate elements and total object is done for the needs of the Client.

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Braslas street 22 D, Riga, LV-1035