Integrated Engineering for energy and gas

Engineering Project Solutions provides high-quality engineering services including integrated design, selection and supply of industrial equipment for objects of various purposes, construction, installation, hook-up and start-up, object commissioning, service and technical maintenance, turn-key projects.

One of the company’s key areas of activity are production and supply of industrial equipment for gas industry, and specifically the production of natural gas metering units, natural gas treatment units and natural gas pressure reduction units of various models and productivity for automatic gas-distribution stations, gas-filling stations, unit gas conditioning stations and gas-distribution plants.

We complete tasks concerned with fiscal measurement at metering and calculating operations, and technological metering of natural gas on industrial enterprises, objects of technological productions, gas-distribution stations, underground gas storages, recycling plants, and other objects.

We collaborate with the best manufacturers of industrial equipment in Europe, Turkey and China, and perform integrated equipment supplies for the projects in Europe, and export industrial equipment to the CIS.

Braslas street 22 D
Riga, LV-1035

Suitability of design documentation

Suitability of design documentation to terms of implementation in the CIS countries is a popular business area in modern construction industry.

European companies offer unique design solutions of the highest standards, which are demanded by organizations in the CIS countries. But it is impossible  to use them in non-European countries as such designs are grounded on basis of requirements which differ from building norms and standards of technical and normative nature approved in non-European countries.

Therefore it is required a suitability of foreign design projects to terms of implementation in the CIS countries, which shall be entrusted to professionals. Experience of cooperation in international market, variety of occupational contacts among foreign partners, knowledge of building legislature enables Engineering Project Solutions  to guaranty to the Clients a qualified suitability of foreign projects to terms of the CIS countries. Direct consultancy  with developers of projects provide us with extra options to modify foreign projects and to make optimal specifications for implementation in the CIS countries.

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Braslas street 22 D, Riga, LV-1035