Integrated Engineering for energy and gas

Engineering Project Solutions provides high-quality engineering services including integrated design, selection and supply of industrial equipment for objects of various purposes, construction, installation, hook-up and start-up, object commissioning, service and technical maintenance, turn-key projects.

One of the company’s key areas of activity are production and supply of industrial equipment for gas industry, and specifically the production of natural gas metering units, natural gas treatment units and natural gas pressure reduction units of various models and productivity for automatic gas-distribution stations, gas-filling stations, unit gas conditioning stations and gas-distribution plants.

We complete tasks concerned with fiscal measurement at metering and calculating operations, and technological metering of natural gas on industrial enterprises, objects of technological productions, gas-distribution stations, underground gas storages, recycling plants, and other objects.

We collaborate with the best manufacturers of industrial equipment in Europe, Turkey and China, and perform integrated equipment supplies for the projects in Europe, and export industrial equipment to the CIS.

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Production of gas metering units

Gas metering unit is a system of measuring instruments. Gas metering unit is designed to measure the volume, mass flow, and pressure, temperature and other physical properties of natural gas, compatible gases reduced to standard conditions. This unit is used for fiscal metering with accounting and settlement operations, and technological metering of natural gas at industrial enterprises, objects of technological production, gas distribution stations, underground gas storages, gas processing plants and other facilities.

Gas metering unit consists of the following components:

  • Volume or mass flow meters (ultrasonic, rotary, turbine, diaphragm principles of action, and others);
  • Instrument piping;
  • Gas volume correctors (calculators) are meant for use by several instrument piping according to documentation;
  • Absolute and gauge pressure transmitters;
  • Differential pressure transducers;
  • Resistance temperature devices.

The following components may be included in gas metering unit if requested by the Customer:

  • Gas quality treatment facilities (in accordance with the requirements for the equipment incorporated in the gas metering unit) such as filters, dryers, etc;
  • Gas quality analyzer (for gas metering units installed in the field of gas production, on the borders of the main gas pipelines after the places of possible gas mixing from different commercial fields, underground gas storage facilities and third-parties);
  • Automation hardware system, including - processing, storage and transmission of information.

Engineering Project Solutions provides a full range of activities, namely:

  • Performing of calculations of measuring stations characteristics ensuring minimum loss while measuring and selection of equipment;
  • Geo metering unit design and geo-tagging;
  • Production of technological work stock units following installation on site. Gas metering unit in block design (block-container) is also available;
  • Supply and installation of gas metering unit with instrumentation to the object;
  • Gas metering unit start-up;
  • Gas metering unit commissioning and metrological certification.


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Braslas street 22 D, Riga, LV-1035