Integrated Engineering for energy and gas

Engineering Project Solutions provides high-quality engineering services including integrated design, selection and supply of industrial equipment for objects of various purposes, construction, installation, hook-up and start-up, object commissioning, service and technical maintenance, turn-key projects.

One of the company’s key areas of activity are production and supply of industrial equipment for gas industry, and specifically the production of natural gas metering units, natural gas treatment units and natural gas pressure reduction units of various models and productivity for automatic gas-distribution stations, gas-filling stations, unit gas conditioning stations and gas-distribution plants.

We complete tasks concerned with fiscal measurement at metering and calculating operations, and technological metering of natural gas on industrial enterprises, objects of technological productions, gas-distribution stations, underground gas storages, recycling plants, and other objects.

We collaborate with the best manufacturers of industrial equipment in Europe, Turkey and China, and perform integrated equipment supplies for the projects in Europe, and export industrial equipment to the CIS.

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Production of gas pressure reduction units

Gas pressure reduction unit is a system for reducing the transported gas pressure to the bypass pipeline from the pipeline of a high pressure to the pipeline of a lower pressure. These units are meant for reduction and automatic uninterrupted maintenance of gas discharge pressure irregardless of changes in flow and inlet pressure, automatic shut-off of gas supply when changing discharge pressure above the set limits. They are used for transportation and usage of gas, mainly for gas distribution stations and fuel gas conditioning package of electric power plants. The following components are included in gas pressure reduction unit:

  • Shut-off valves;
  • Gas pressure regulator;
  • Gas filter;
  • Safety relief shut-off;
  • Safety relief valve;
  • Impulse gas heater;
  • Instrumentation and controls.

Gas pressure reduction units can provide maintenance of set gas pressure till themselves, depending on the model, and productivity. Gas pressure reduction units can be performed on frames or block boxes with local and remote control. Various gas pressure reduction units executions are possible depending on the requirements.

Piloted and unpiloted gas pressure regulators, and flow control valves with electric actuators can be used as a regulating body. Protection against over or under pressure is performed with safety relief valves, safety shut-off valves, circuits with two regulators, shut-off valves with electric actuators. This  equipment is designed to operate in a wide range of pressures and its characteristics are as follows:

  • High efficiency;
  • Reliability, long-term uninterrupted operation;
  • Good maintainability.

Gas pressure reduction units designed and manufactured by our company meet modern requirements and have all the necessary documentation. Specialists of Engineering Project Solutions are ready to answer your questions regarding the installation and operation of gas pressure reduction units.

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Braslas street 22 D, Riga, LV-1035