Integrated Engineering for energy and gas

Engineering Project Solutions provides high-quality engineering services including integrated design, selection and supply of industrial equipment for objects of various purposes, construction, installation, hook-up and start-up, object commissioning, service and technical maintenance, turn-key projects.

One of the company’s key areas of activity are production and supply of industrial equipment for gas industry, and specifically the production of natural gas metering units, natural gas treatment units and natural gas pressure reduction units of various models and productivity for automatic gas-distribution stations, gas-filling stations, unit gas conditioning stations and gas-distribution plants.

We complete tasks concerned with fiscal measurement at metering and calculating operations, and technological metering of natural gas on industrial enterprises, objects of technological productions, gas-distribution stations, underground gas storages, recycling plants, and other objects.

We collaborate with the best manufacturers of industrial equipment in Europe, Turkey and China, and perform integrated equipment supplies for the projects in Europe, and export industrial equipment to the CIS.

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About us

Engineering Project Solutions works with state-financed organizations and government-owned corporations, and also with business corporations and private clients. We ensure fulfillment of integrated engineering services starting from design to commissioning of objects in the area of construction of internal utility lines of buildings and objects of various purposes, as well as industrial boiler houses and various units for heat generation and ensuring of technological processes of different productions.

We offer energy-efficient solutions for implementation of tasks involving

  • Heating

  • Water supply

  • Gas supply

  • Ventilation

  • Air conditioning

Business in Europe

Main business areas of the company in Europe

Production of gas metering units

Gas metering unit is a system of measuring instruments. Gas metering unit is designed to measure the volume, mass flow, and pressure, temperature and other physical properties of natural gas, compatible gases reduced to standard conditions.

Production of gas treatment units

Gas treatment unit has a block design, with several filters-separators installed on frame. The filter separator is meant for gas treatment from mechanical impurities and condensed moisture on the compressor and gas distribution stations, gas pipeline linear sections, as well as production facilities when gas treatment is required.

Production of gas pressure reduction units

Gas pressure reduction unit is a system for reducing the transported gas pressure to the bypass pipeline from the pipeline of a high pressure to the pipeline of a lower pressure. These units are meant for reduction and automatic uninterrupted maintenance of gas discharge pressure irregardless of changes in flow and inlet pressure, automatic shut-off of gas supply when changing discharge pressure above the set limits.

Integrated supply of equipment and materials

Integrated supply of equipment and materials means the whole scope of works performance when the order is formed and optimal technological decisions are accepted, on basis of which the list of necessary equipment and materials is made.

Our main goal involves lay terms and clear explanation to the Client of possibilities of functionality and reasonability of usage of a given equipment.

Installation and construction works

Installation and construction works, commissioning works for implementation of various engineering tasks  as follows:

Construction of boiler houses is one of the main business areas of Engineering Project Solutions. Construction of boiler houses is performed by highly skilled specialists according to approved project in strict adherence to modern standards and requirements of the Client with usage of specialized construction machinery.

Business in the CIS countries

Main business areas of the company in the CIS countries

Energy audit of objects of various purposes

Energy audit or energy inspection of enterprises and organizations is assessment of all aspects of enterprise’s activity with regard to expenses on fuel, energy of various types, water and several energy carriers.

Feasibility Study

Before implementation of project, every Client would like to evaluate risk level and to understand a project pay back period. Engineering Project Solutions carries out calculations as a part of Feasibility Study (FS).

Suitability of design documentation

Suitability of design documentation to terms of implementation in the CIS countries is a popular business area in modern construction industry.

European companies offer unique design solutions of the highest standards, which are demanded by organizations in the CIS countries.

Development of design specifications

Design is a core business of Engineering Project Solutions where we gained a reputation of professionals. Design activity of Engineering Project Solutions grounds not only on design experience but also on understanding of all details of construction process itself. Therefore we guaranty development of realistic and optimal designs.

Design documentation undergo examination package and approvals

Design documentation undergo examination package and approvals is important stage of construction project implementation as design documentation developed shall be approved at Government expert bodies in accordance with technical regulations requirements, requirements to parts content of design documentation and requirements to results of engineering surveys.

Search and solution to issues regarding parceling out of land for development purposes

Engineering Project Solutions renders services for investors of construction with regard to search, selection and purchase of appropriate land plot for location of construction object.

Solution to issues of connection to external supply lines

Modern buildings and erections are complex engineering structures which can not exist without infrastructure created, represented by external and internal lines. Water supply, heating, sewerage, electricity and connection are important utility systems which ensure normal function of residential buildings and production objects.

EPC services for objects construction

Engineering Project Solutions performs integrated construction of objects from design to put into service of ready ‘turn-key’ projects.

Integrated supply of equipment and materials for objects

Timely packaged supply of equipment and materials for objects is one of key elements of consistent and smooth work of construction object  provision.

Construction and installation, and commissioning works

Construction and installation, and commissioning works shall be performed by highly trained engineers of specialized organization. Commissioning works are closely associated not only with effectiveness of work of enterprise in future, but also with safety of employees.

Subcontracted works

Our company has a practical experience of works as a subcontractor. With great pleasure and guaranteed quality we accomplish your scopes of works and just in time.

Commissioning of objects

Commissioning of construction object is a mission-critical  stage, finishing construction and allowing to connect all utility lines.

Following maintenance service

Engineering Project Solutions renders qualified service maintenance of equipment supplied and installed by our company.

Completed projects

Engineering Project Solutions jointly with partners, successfully work in the area of energy efficiency, putting into life the most complex energy efficient projects. The specialists of the company are constantly developing skills in energy efficient and gas supply areas, systematically attending international thematic exhibitions and forums, and establishing contacts and relations with new suppliers and manufacturers of the equipment and materials. Projects of Engineering Project Solutions are notable for economic efficiency and enable to save business expenditures on energy resources, ensuring not only short payback period of investments but also reduction of productions operating costs. Contact us and make sure!

HVAC project for the spare parts trade center

HVAC project for the spare parts trade center

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning project.


Modernization of gas boiler-house. The total thermal power 1440 kW

‘Donbass Arena’  Stadium

‘Donbass Arena’ Stadium

Infrared heating of Stadium tribunes.The total thermal power 2020 kW

‘Reikartz’ Hotel

‘Reikartz’ Hotel

Roof gas boiler-house. The total thermal power 20 kW

LLC ‘Interpipe’

LLC ‘Interpipe’

The system of infrared gas heating of production workshops.

CJSC ‘Centravis Production Ukraine’

CJSC ‘Centravis Production Ukraine’

Workshops gas infrared heating: 10 kW

PJSC ‘Ukrtransgas’

PJSC ‘Ukrtransgas’

Module mobile container type gas boiler-house: 3040 kW

LLC ‘KSM-Group’

LLC ‘KSM-Group’

Ventilation system, air-conditioning and smoke extraction

Donetsk Chamber of Commerce

Donetsk Chamber of Commerce

Roof gas boiler-house. The total thermal 786 kW.

Club House ‘Imperial’

Club House ‘Imperial’

Roof gas boiler-house. The total thermal power 190 kW

Business centre ‘Lagoda’

Business centre ‘Lagoda’

Roof top gas boiler house. The total thermal power 810 kW

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Braslas street 22 D, Riga, LV-1035